Cloud Automation Services

Expand and secure your business by utilizing our cloud service. Our Cloud Architect and Cloud security engineer can make you capable enough to stay ahead of your competitors.


Industrial communication can be easily carried out from anywhere at any time.

Easy communication

Less downtime
Virtual working strategy
Easy storage
Data security
Several networks and servers can be utilized without buying them
Latest software and applications can be utilized to carry out a lot of business, process
Flexible working environment
By utilizing our SaaS service you would be able to utilize the application without installing it in your system. So there is no need to install the software on your personal computer. This software can be utilized by several users and this service can be easily carried out with the help of an internet connection. You can easily provide several customer services easily by this cloud feature. This type of cloud computing service will be useful for collaborative work. You can utilize our cloud computing service to handle several complex software problems.
The PaaS service would let you test your applications very easily. You would be able to create and run several programs by utilizing this cloud feature. You would have all the access to the data and the application resources. So there is no need for an infrastructure to create and test the business applications and thus it is really economical. By utilizing this service you would be able to maintain and manage your applications. Several changes in your application can also be done by utilizing this service.
This cloud computing service would let you utilize all the computing architecture and infrastructure in a virtual setup. Due to this, the resources can be utilized by multiple users. There won’t be any compromise in the security, even when multiple users are utilizing these resources because they would require access to do so, and also there are other security measures to protect the data.

Back up your data

Your organizational data would be stored in several servers and these servers would be in a different locations. So there is no need to worry about losing the data


This is another advantage of utilizing cloud service, you can carry out your business from anywhere and also the data can be easily shared. Due to this feature, there won’t any downtime.

High speed

High-speed computing can be done and this can be very helpful for several purposes in an organization.

Cost reduction

Reduction of cost is one of the major advantages of cloud computing. Less infrastructure would be utilized during your business process and you only need to pay for the resources you are utilizing. Less infrastructure would be utilized to carry out the process and due to this a lot of money can be saved.


The storage facility of our cloud service provides you with a secure place to store your confidential data. Another advantage of this storage facility is that you can receive data from anywhere irrespective of the amount of data.


There won’t be any downtime while utilizing the cloud service for your business process. The performance and security of our service have made us what we are

Secured data sharing

Several threats can be easily determined before they could affect the data. Access to the server and resources are secured.

Global presence

Data can be accessed virtually and it can be done from anywhere in the world and this would give you a better global presence.
The work force management system of SMEC Technologies can be upgraded with IoT technology by adding various tools for smooth operations.
SMEC technologies cloud service would provide you with all the support to carry out your organizational process. We have several customers from start-ups to MNCs. Our cloud experts are always available for you so that you can carry out your IT process efficiently.

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