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ASP.NET with MVC Framework Training

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The Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications training and certification course will give you a detailed overview of this cross-platform, open-source framework for building modern cloud-optimized web applications. During the training, you will learn different elements and components of this framework including security and troubleshooting.

Why should you take ASP.NET with MVC Framework Training

Huge community of 6 million developers and 1,700 companies already contributing to the .NET platform.

Stack Overflow, Alaska Airlines, Samsung, Mindtree, Vodafone, TCS & many other MNC’s worldwide use .Net.

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Course Details

ASP.NET with MVC Framework Training Course Curriculum


  • HTML Basic Tags
  • Working with Table, List and Div
  • HTML Form Elements
  • CSS Basic Syntax
  • Creating External CSS
  • Learn how to use Selectors
  • Working with CSS properties
  • Define JavaScript
  • Create and Manipulate Variables
  • Implement Functions
  • Learn how to use JavaScript Events
  • Developing Popup Boxes
  • Learn how to use Client Side Validation
  • Introduction to JQuery
  • Implement JQuery in Web Application
  • Working with Jquery Events
  • Implementing Jquery UI
  • Understand Web Application Fundamentals
  • Creating Standard Web Controls and Events
  • Working with Navigation Controls
  • Working with Rich Server Controls
  • working with Validation controls
  • Create Web User Control
  • working with custom controls
  • Create and manipulate Managing Session
  • Implementing View State
  • Create and manipulate Query Strings
  • Managing Cookies
  • Implementing Themes and Skins
  • Implementing Web User Control
  • Master Pages and Content Pages
  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • Familiarizing SQL Server 2012
  • Creating Tables and Constraints
  • Implement Aggregate Functions, Order by and Group by
  • Join and Sub Query
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • Backup, Restoring and Moving a database
  • Learn about Data Binding
  • Create Database Application (DataReader)
  • Create Database Application (DataSet)
  • Lean how to use XML and NET
  • Lean how to use GridView
  • Working with FormView, ListView and DeatilsView
  • Using DataList and Repeater controls
  • Using ScriptManager and UpdatePanel
  • Working with Ajax Controls
  • Lean how to use Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Implementing Ajax Extenders
  • Working with LINQ to
  • Working with LINQ to
  • Working with LINQ to XML
  • Explain about Authentication and Authorization
  • Describe Anonymous Authentication
  • Understand Windows Authentication
  • Learn how to use Forms Authentication
  • UI
  • Generating and Querying an Entity Data Model (EDM).
  • Querying data using object Services
  • Customizing the Entity Data Model


  • Creation and consumption of Web


  • WCF Essentials
  • Address, Binding and Contract
  • WCF Services and Clients
  • WCF Service Libraries
  • WCF Test Host and Test Client


DOTNET Framework 4.5

  • Framework Architecture
  • Common Language Runtime
  • Garbage Collection and MSIL

Object Oriented Programming with C#

  • OOPs Concepts
  • Partial Classes and Partial Methods
  • Managing Types, Properties, Methods and Parameters
  • Named Parameters and Optional Parameters
  • String Handling
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • The Exception Handling in .Net 4.0

C# Advanced Features

  • Delegates and Events
  • Attributes
  • Familiarizing Collections and Generics
  • Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Object and Collection Initializes
  • Query Expressions
  • Navigating the File System
  • Reading and writing files
  • Compressing Streams
  • Forming regular expressions
  • Encoding
  • Serializing Objects

Creating a User Interface Application by Using Standard Controls

  • Add and configure a Windows Form.
  • Manage control layout on a Windows Form.
  • Managing Form-Properties
  • Add and configure a Windows Forms control.
  • Create and configure menus.
  • Create event handlers for Windows Forms and controls
  • Construct Print documents
  • Create a customized Print Preview component
  • Implement Globalization and Localization for a windows application
  • Implement accessibility Features
  • Create and configure MDI forms
  • Drag and Drop functionality in C#
  • Create a User control in C#
  • Create a composite windows forms control
  • Create an extended control by inheriting from existing windows control

Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL Server 2008

  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • Creating Tables and Relationships
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Stored Procedures
  • Introduction to Data bound Controls
  • Insert, Update, Delete, Select commands in both connected and disconnected environment

WPF Application Fundamentals

  • Windows applications
  • Navigation applications / XAML Browser Applications
  • Binding to a WPF element
  • Transformations- Render, Skew, Rotate

Create a Windows Forms Setup application

  • Create Setup using Click once Technology
  • Deploy an application using setup project

MVC5 Introduction

  • Overview of Microsoft Web Technologies
  • Overview of NET 4.5
  • Introduction to NET MVC 5
  • describe the Microsoft Web Technologies stack and select an appropriate technology to use to develop any given application.
  • Planning in the Project Design Phase
  • Designing Models, Controllers, and Views

Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Models

  • Creating MVC Models
  • Working with Data

Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Controllers

  • Writing Controllers and Actions
  • Writing Action Filters

Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Views

  • Creating Views with Razor Syntax
  • Using HTML Helpers
  • Reusing Code in Views

Testing and Debugging ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Unit Testing MVC Components
  • Implementing an Exception Handling Strategy

Structuring ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Analyzing Information Architecture
  • Configuring Routes
  • Creating a Navigation Structure

Applying Styles to ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Using Template Views
  • Applying CSS to an MVC Application
  • Creating an Adaptive User Interface

Building Responsive Pages in ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Using AJAX and Partial Page Updates
  • Implementing a Caching Strategy

Using JavaScript and jQuery for Responsive MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Using jQuery and jQueryUI
  • Rendering and Executing JavaScript Code

Controlling Access to ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Implementing Authentication and Authorization
  • Assigning Roles and Membership

Building a Resilient ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Application

  • Developing Secure Sites
  • State Management

Implementing Web APIs in ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Developing a Web API
  • Calling a Web API from Mobile and Web Applications

Deploying ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

  • Deploying a Web Application
  • Deploying an MVC 5 Application

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ASP.NET with MVC Framework Training Course Description

After the completion of the .NET Course at SMEC, you should be able to understand:

1. Microsoft Framework Architecture

2. Development of Console Application

3. Building a Windows application

4. OOP using C#.NET

5. Data access mechanisms provided by ADO.NET

6. Create and consume Libraries (.dll)

7. Create a web application using .NET

8. Integrating IIS with ASP.NET

9. Working with POSTBACK

10. Developing WebSite and WebApplication

11. Application Security

12. Development of WebService and Consume WebService

MS.NET is a popular and powerful framework. Most of the already available frameworks like Java or PHP take care of one layer or a part of the application development.

.NET provides application development in Object Oriented Programming model and support to develop Windows Application, Web Application and Web Services. .NET also allows the development of applications in different Layered/Tiered models to work on the main business logic rather then worrying about non-application code. Visual studio has many features like intellisense, intellitrace, intellitype, reference highlighting, code snippets and it makes the application development fast and increases the productivity of developers.

This course can be taken by anyone who wants to become an ASP.NET Web Developer or wants to learn MS.NET Framework.

ASP.NET with MVC Framework Training  Training Features

Be future ready. Start learning –¬† ASP.NET with MVC Framework Training

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