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Industrial Intelligence Systems

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance System Normal / Abnormal Detection and Predictive Maintenance

Detect the signs and symptom of machine failure before critical damage

Eliminate excessive regular machine maintenance rounds
Minimize maintenance cost
24-hour machine monitoring

Beforehand preparation and smooth spare parts replacement.
Reduce or eliminate machine down time

Remote condition monitoring
Many parameters can be measured and monitored at one place
Detect the signs and symptom of machine failure before critical damage
A very efficient way to maintain with minimal cost in a futuristic manner is what Predictive Maintenance is all about. Once a system is built it is obvious that a periodical monitoring is required which might lead to maintenance to balance the system. But with the implementation of Predictive Maintenance Technique, it eases the effort and in fact reduces the amount of effort to be put in to analyse and maintain the system. Thus, the cost in reduced by one fourth and also helps in improving the system and its productivity by nearly two third of the investment.
The key idea to identify the possible issues and maintain them periodically and have a controlled environment for a hassle-free operation.
Today Industries give importance for predictive maintenance facilities at the early stage of the construction program for a better outcome and favourable operation. Various system including AI/ML and data science.
When your success depends on the input of work force and a work force monitoring system is an essential tool to achieve the level of success you desire. Even if the work force is in small or large numbers a monitoring system makes it sure that the tasks are executed on time and efficiently. It also helps to keep a track on performance of each individual and this makes it fruitful for the employee as well as the employer.
A perfect analysis of the work force helps in understanding how efficiently the investment with respect to the time gives returns and a work force monitoring system gives you a precise data that you can rely on.

Time and Attendance

Automatic Attendance updates, leave request, over-time, approvals etc can be managed

Real – Time Monitoring

Task can be assigned and can be made sure that they are monitored regularly and notified

Productive / Unproductive Time

A perfect understanding of productive working of the employee from Login to Logout with graphical representations

Productivity Tracking

It is very important to understand if the employee’s efforts are in the right direction to guide them on to the right track


Individual Project Reports and also consolidated reports can generated on time base in days / weeks / months / yearly

Time Management

Tasks can be assigned with deadlines for working efficiently with respect to time and quality

File Sharing

Files of various formats can be shared to update the work

Task Assignment

Task can be assigned and can be monitored regularly. Notifications regarding developments will be given up and down the stream
A company includes managers and employees and there needs to be different access levels following the hierarchy for differentiating the team and authority levels.


There could various managers handling different departments and each manager can see their team and productivity, so that they can plan accordingly.


Every individual employee will have access to their own data and can be monitored by managers for transparency and analysis.


Automatic report generation and feedback system that will help to predict possible outcomes and improve efficiency.

Data Sharing

Data can be shared in various levels such as uploading / downloading files of different formats, productivity analysis etc.


Both managers and employees will get receive notification on task and productivity based on time.
The work force management system of SMEC Technologies can be upgraded with IoT technology by adding various tools for smooth operations.
Automated MIS Reporting makes reporting faster and advanced. Management information systems reduces entries by 50% and human errors by 90% and this will help to improve the quality of services and effective management of time. MIS reporting handle various aspects Debtors Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Finance, Sales, Analytics, Estimation etc.
Being an expert in Data and AI related services SMEC Technologies can offer futuristic solutions and easy operations.
In a competitive world that we live in, Automation is the first step we can take to minimize those task that cause maximum wastage of time. There are various repeated operations that happen within and outside an organization and the best optimal solution we can have today is Automation.

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