Preventive Maintenance Services

Motor Preventive maintenance system

The motor plays an important role in most industrial processes. Industrial operations can be easily carried out if a motor is operating properly. Preventive maintenance of a motor is required to prevent downtime. A lot of mechanical energy is required to carry out several industrial processes and the motor is capable to provide this mechanical energy. A huge amount of mechanical energy is required for the operation of industrial machinery and this can be easily achieved with the help of a motor.

Benefits of utilizing a Motor preventive maintenance system

Real-Time Monitoring of the asset & fault diagnosis for instant remedial action
Maximize asset uptime by predictive analysis to identify the occurrence of the fault
Minimize optional cost by a remote diagnosis of the assets
Fault identification & troubleshooting
Scheduled Maintenance
Automated report generation helps in taking timely decisions
A drive is a device that is capable to control the power that is sent to a motor. Drive is capable to determine that the motor is utilizing the electric power properly. So the drive should be checked properly because it can control the speed, direction, torque, etc. So if the drive is operating properly then the motor would operate efficiently.
The efficiency of the motor’s drive can be calculated by checking the mechanical power that the motor provides and the electric input that the motor utilizes. The efficiency of the drive should be calculated so that the motor would operate efficiently.

Motor Condition Monitoring Solutions

Partial discharge is caused because of the high voltage and it would affect the insulation and thereby the component. Insulation failure can be caused because of aging, contamination, etc. A solution for partial discharge is to do the monitoring under normal operating conditions to understand the health of the motor and insulation. Based on this monitoring maintenance can be done to avoid machinery damage.
There would be magnetic flux variation in the rotor because of the insulation faults in the rotor winding. Insulation failure could be because of contamination, aging, etc. In order to prevent this magnetic flux can be measured in the generator so in case there is any variation then maintenance would be carried out based on that.


Motor current signature analysis motoring can detect the rotor cage winding faults in the motors. Faults in several motor components such as rotor bars, rings, etc


This type of monitoring is carried out to determine the vibrations in the stator. The windings of the stator are called the end winding and this part would be in high voltage. So this part of the stator must be free of vibrations, so insulation and other parts of this section must be monitored properly to prevent a potential failure.


Shaft monitoring is done to determine the presence of high levels of voltage or current on the motor or generator shaft in order to detect poor grounding shaft performance prior to bearing failures.


Offline testing solutions are to determine the condition of stator windings, stator core, and rotor in generators and motors.

Motor Efficiency

The aim of motor maintenance is to reduce the number of failures in equipment and to avoid breakdowns that may lead to disruptions during operations.


Shaft monitoring is done to determine the presence of high levels of voltage or current on the motor or generator shaft in order to detect poor grounding shaft performance prior to bearing failures.

Major maintenance services

This type of maintenance is done in case of any failure in the industrial equipment. So in case of a failure in a component or equipment then it would be rectified so that the operation can be easily carried out.
As the name implies this maintenance is done to prevent faults before they can affect the operation of the industrial process. So the machines or other devices will be monitored to do the preventive maintenance
This type of maintenance would be done based on the operating time, like providing lubrication at the proper time.
This type of maintenance is done by monitoring the equipment. So based on the equipment condition maintenance would be carried out.

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