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Digital Technologies and services can automate your Business. Achieve preventive maintenance through digitalization and increase profit. Digitalization can reduce industrial downtime.

SMEC Automation has been in the marine automation sector for the past two decades. We provide Automation, Electrical, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic Automation services for different kinds of Ships and Oil rigs. SMEC Technologies is the IT wing of SMEC Automation private limited. We aim to help industries to transform digitally and thereby we can reduce efforts or energy consumption and improve productivity.

Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence for your business

Digitalize your Industry and be future ready

At SMEC Technologies, we aim to digitalize the industrial sector, we help our clients to digitalize their business. Our team is composed of Data Scientists, Automation professionals, and AI specialists. We believe that digitalization is a must to do transformation in this era and will help us to solve several problems in your business.

Embrace the Industrial digitalization

We can help you to utilise the relevant technology for your business. Digitalization can help you to improve your profit in the business sector by reducing maintenance costs.

SMEC Digitalization and
Automation Services

Industrial Automation through Digitalization

Industrial digitalization is an integral part of Automation. Safety, reliability, productivity, and energy management can be easily achieved with Industrial Automation.

Major Services include

IIOT is considered as the major reason for industrial digitalization. We are using IIOT and other advanced features such as Cloud computing, Data Analytics, DCS, SCADA, etc. Centralised control can be achieved by utilising DCS. Monitoring and controlling the whole factory can be done with the help of a Distributed Control System. SCADA is useful to monitor your industrial process from anywhere by using your smart gadgets.

PLC is an industrial computer by which we can control industrial machinery. HMI is used to carry out the interface between the machines and operators. Several sensors and transmitters are connected to the machines by making use of IIOT, and data from these devices can be transmitted.

Predictive maintenance can help in cost reduction. Several sensors and transmitters are connected to the machines, with the help of these devices operational data can be checked and thus faults can be prevented before it arises.

Wireless communication can be carried out by using IIOT. We use several communication protocols such as Modbus, Profinet, etc. All these will be beneficial to carry out communication.

There will be several wired and wireless sensors in the industrial plant after the Automation. This will be useful to check each and every operation in an industrial plant and also predictive maintenance can protect the equipment and devices in the industrial plant.

Machine learning plays a great role in robotics, several operations can be easily carried out by intelligent machines and will save time and energy. AI-based machines can detect any operational faults and thus they can save money and time.

We provide industrial control system security to our clients. The smart industry will require smart cybersecurity, when an industry is being digitalized the major concern will be data security. We have several clients and they all are happy because of our security services.

We use several field devices to monitor and collect data from the industrial machinery and by utilising this feature we can monitor and analyse several industrial data. Field devices are sensors and transmitters that are connected to industrial machinery. Based on the received data, industrial control can be easily carried out.

Our team will work with you to determine your requirements. Based on this we will help you to transform your business digitally. We also utilise data management and digital twin strategy to achieve digital transformation. We will create an amalgamation of Engineering and Technology and this will be useful for industrial digitalization.

Because of digitalization, several workflow management tools can be used to improve productivity in an industry. Digitalization will be helpful for research and development, product development, production process, and in the logistics sector. We help you with various work- flow management facilities for any sector.

Salient Features of SMEC’s Services

Data Security

The major challenge in digitalization is data security. We are capable of providing proper industrial solutions with good data security. SMEC is capable of providing better cyber security. We have several clients in different industries such as Marine, Automotive, Chemical, etc. All of them have trusted us because of our operational quality and reliability. We frequently monitor several operations to determine any vulnerabilities and also we provide better service assistance. Our team will always be there in case of any emergency.

Digitalize your Industry and be future ready

You can increase your industrial production through digitalization. In industrial digitalization, data will be checked and utilised during several operational processes and this will allow you to check the data of your industrial operations. Cloud can be used because of digitalization and we can store several data regarding the industrial process.

Frequent Monitoring and Security Assessment

Our team is capable of determining any abnormal activities. We can easily determine any unusual behaviour in the system and can take proper actions. We use proper verification and authorisation methods to provide better safety to our customer’s data.

Reduction in downtime

Downtime can be reduced with digitalization and several predictive maintenance can be done. Predictive maintenance will be useful to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Project performance

Several industrial processes can be easily monitored by using SCADA. We can monitor the industrial operations and can determine the outcome.

AMC support

SMEC provides AMC support after the project completion. This will provide you the assurance that your organisational maintenance can be easily carried out. You can reduce your maintenance cost and downtime with our AMC support. Equipment life will be improved because of this support.

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