Physical and digital are now one

Our solutions

Innovation changes how brands collaborate with clients and workers. With SMEClabs administrations, brands can plan items in light of client input then, at that point, test and sell them universally at uncommon speed and scale.


Our E-commerce service will provide you with the software for managing your products and services. Sell your products online, we can develop customized software for your requirements.


ERP will provide you with information regarding all of your business processes. You would get all the data regarding your organizational operations such as cost, raw materials, documents, etc. We can build an ERP system based on your organizational requirements.


Get personalized accounting software for your organizational operations. We will develop customized accounting software to manage your financial operations.


Manage your customer relations through SMEC CRM. We will develop CRM based on your requirements to manage your interactions with your valuable customers.

Inventory Management

Manage your raw materials or products with our customized inventory management system. Keep track of the data regarding your stock and product.

Supply Chain Management

SMEC Supply chain management system can be used to determine the data regarding the flow of goods and you can also check the cost of the raw materials, services, or products.

Workforce Management

Automate your organizational operations by using the SMEC workforce management system. Organize your industrial operations based on your requirements. This will be a customized product to manage your employee work.

Human resource management

Manage your internal HR functions by utilizing the SMEC human resource management system. You can manage several things such as payroll, workers’ talent and attendance, and a lot more by using human resource management software.

Adapt and stay competitive

It’s really important to know about the industrial trends to stay competitive. We are capable of determining the market trends for any kind of industry and we will help you to implement it in your operations.

Reduction in cost and Profit growth

Industrial Automation will provide quality operations without any error and downtime. Implementing data science in business will be useful to make proper decisions All of this will reduce the operational costs and profit will increase.