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We can provide digital transformation for small-scale to large-scale industries irrespective of their industrial field.

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About SMEC

SMEC can help you to improve your organizational efficiency through digital transformation. We are capable of providing industrial digital solutions for your organization. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who can guide you based on your requirements and industrial operations. We will make sure that there won’t be any downtime in your organizational operations. We are capable of doing digital marketing, AI solutions, Embedded services, and a lot more. Due to this, we can handle any infrastructure projects.

Our Projects


Powerhouse Data Display System

Locations : Idamalayar & Lower Periyar

Powerhouse, the data is classified into two categories, historical and daily data. According to the selection and prioritisation of the data, the system will display the corresponding info at the display system. The real time data update will be done and displayed accordingly.

Sud Chemie Pvt Ltd, Edayar

Data Analysis & Visualization / Digital Reporter

There are huge sets of data stored in various systems. Those system’s data are extracted and combined and stored in a particular database. On a regular interval, the whole data is converted into a specific format and kept for Data visualisation. Using the visualisation tools / library all info is plotted as graphs and charts.



Kodebro is an educational consultant company . We have revamped their website.

SMEC & AMK Traders

ERP System

Unlike off-the-shelf ERP solutions that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, custom ERP solutions are built from scratch or customised extensively to align with the unique processes, workflows, and requirements of a business. Developed a comprehensive ERP system for SMEC Automation Pvt Ltd & AMK Traders, integrating modules for Store management, Purchase order processing, production planning, financial accounting and also featuring lead management, contact tracking, sales pipeline management, and reporting functionalities.gly.